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Below is a list of questions and answers. If you are interested in the program and find you still have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out! Someone from our team will be glad to assist.



Zeus Certifications

  • Multiple industries in Texas and across the United States are seeking to expand their data science workforce, but qualified applicants are in short supply and high demand.

    As the Great Resignation continues, workers may find themselves looking for new opportunities. Research shows certifications improve job opportunities and salaries – especially in high-paying, high-demand fields such as tech and healthcare.

    And it’s not just those industries that need data science and data analytics support. The pandemic required people from a range of professions like journalism and education to interact with and interpret COVID-19 data every day.

  • Zeus is a Texas State University System program, that is currently being run as a partnership between Texas State University and Sam Houston State University. Courses will be developed by a group of more than 20 Ph.D. faculty members across disciplines working in collaboration with the program’s advisory board of chambers of commerce and local companies in the area. The advisory board will provide direction about the ongoing and changing needs of the workforce to make sure the courses offered meet the needs of the business community.

  • Originally, the idea came about because the phonetic pronunciation of ‘TSUS’ is ‘Zeus’. But, because Zeus represents the ‘god of destiny’, and this learning platform will have the power to influence learner’s career paths, it seemed appropriate.

  • Currently, just the one Data Science Pathways course. Though others are already being considered, we want to ensure that all courses will be delivered at the same cutting-edge level that one is, which takes time. Check back soon!

  • To keep costs as low as possible, the course will be held in the Canvas Learning Management System, to which Texas State University already has access.

  • The new program is funded by the governor’s Emergency Educational Relief Funding under the Accelerating Credentials of Purposes and Value Grant Program to meet the needs of the fast-growing Texas economy.



Data Science Pathways



Visualizing Mental Health

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